They are not lying when they say, “Wine is bottled poetry” and “beer makes things bearable!” You can’t disagree with this. Indeed, a good bar never disappoints a tired person who needs a splash of freshness or even someone who just wanna end the day on a good note.

But how do we find good bars these days! After all, who wants to be stuck in a bar full of drunkards and chain-smokers! The two-three good bars that show up when you search “bar near me” are always crowded as hell. What to do then?

Well, your search for a good and classy bar is over if you are here at Riviera Bar of Central Park. This place is no less than heaven for those searching for a cool and classy bar away from the chaos and weird atmosphere of those ordinary bars.

Inspired by the tranquility and elegance of the Coastal reign of France, Riviera never fails to justify its name.

It not only provides the best drinks in town but also provides an atmosphere to die for!

Let’s discover more about your future-favorite bar.

  • The best drinks in town

Riviera is known for the quality of drinks it serves. Whether it’s a mild mug of beer or a strong cup of Vodka, Riviera serves the best drinks ever. Imported from the best-known countries in the world, Riviera provides the best International brands in town.

  • An Ambience to make your day!

Do you know what is more famous than the captivating drinks of Riviera? The ambiance! We love how we can bet that we provide the best bar ambiance in town. The cool and aesthetic ambiance of Riviera is so welcoming that you would barely want to return home. We have decorated our bar with utmost care and love so that you fall in love with this place as much as we do every day.

  • A surrounding to die for!

How we are struggling to decide what the best part of Riviera is! Is it the Bar, the ambiance, or the surrounding? Well, do let us know when you get to know what your personal favorite is.

The tranquil and captivating surrounding of the Riviera is the best you could ask for. Imagine enjoying your beer amidst a calm and serene forest! Well, not a forest, but the tranquil and full of trees environment provides you peace of no less than a forest. Enjoy your favorite drink with your favorite music in the background while being completely lost in the beauty of this place.

  • Equally mouth-watering food options

When you are at Riviera, we make sure you getall-aroundd service. So, instead of making you run to another place for food, we provide the best in-house food options. Go through the tempting menu of Riviera and you’ll get to know yourself. Now, enjoy your favorite drink with your favorite dish on the table!

  • Private compartments

Wanna spend some quality time with your friends and loved ones while chilling your evening out in Riviera Bar? We will take care of that too. We provide private compartment facilities as well. So now, Get your drinks and chill with your people like it’s your own home!

What do you think? Isn’t Riviera the best place that gives you the perfect vibes for a good day?