“Good food is good mood” and how can anybody disagree with this! Food is what gives you energy, both physical and mental. But on the contrary, a bad plate of food is enough to ruin your mood and we hate that!

But don’t you worry when you are at the hotel, The Central Park, Gwalior that provides not only the best rooms in town but also a food experience to remember forever. 

The authentic and unique dishes of the restaurant accompanied by a unique dining experience are enough to add charm to your day and that’s what gives us immense joy.

To say the least, when you dine at the restaurant of The Central Park, this is what you receive.

  • Diverse Menu

The menu of our restaurant is here to confuse you for good! Not being able to decide what to eat is a weird pleasure and that’s what our menu brings to you thanks to its diverse and extended menu. With hundreds of mouth-watering food options, you’re gonna have a hard time deciding what to eat, but we swear by the experience you’re gonna have while dining in our restaurant.

  • Food that exceeds your expectations

Trust us when we say this! The food at our restaurant is what will keep you coming back again and again. With our expert chefs, we not only provide food that will give your mouth a blast of flavors but also take care that everything about your food is just as perfect as your mood. Starting from plating to presentation, Our three-course menu is enough to win your heart. And we swear by the words when we say “the aroma of the food works no less than a scented candle.”

  • Multi-Cuisine Options

The quality of food we provide at our restaurant doesn’t degrade our versatility as we provide a wide choice of cuisine to match everybody’s food preferences and moods. Starting from authentic Indian cuisines to mouth-watering Continental dishes, we have it all so that you don’t have to compromise on your choice.

  • Ambiance to steal your heart

Good food is only half-complete without an equally tempting surrounding. Hence, we have taken care of the ambiance in a way that just adds stars to our best-ever dining experience.

With its subtle and aesthetic ambiance surrounded by a tranquil and lush green forest-like environment, you’ll feel like entering into a different world when you step in. How serene!

  • Reserve a table for a hassle-free dining experience

Thanks to the quality of services and the unique dining experience we provide at our restaurant, it is pretty obvious that our place is a bit crowded at times. But that won’t bother you at all as we have taken care of that too! Just call us up to book your table so that you get a hassle-free and serene dining experience like never before!

We are more than glad to welcome you with an open heart as that is what makes us happy to the core.