Cassandra Clare said, “As long as there is coffee in this world, how bad things could be?” and we couldn’t agree more! From fixing a bad day to boosting up an amazing day, a right cup of coffee is enough to do it all.

People swear by the power of coffee and why not! After all, coffee is the savior on the most terrible of days.

Making the right cup of coffee works no less than a therapy session, but it’s not quite possible to make oneself the right cup of coffee every day, especially when outside. But on the contrary, how annoying it is to not get the right cup of coffee! It just worsens the mood.

Finding a cafe that serves your coffee just the way you like it is a tough job in 2022. But not when you are roaming around the Central Park of Gwalior. The exotic Rosebud Coffee House of Hotel Central Park.

Hotel Central Park not only provides the best suites and best hotels for dinner in Gwalior but also serves its customers with the exotic experience of falling in love with coffee again thanks to its tranquil Rosebud Coffee House which serves the best coffee in town accompanied by the best snacks and beverages options.

Reasons to fall in love with Rosebud Coffee House

  • The best coffee in town

Unlike other mainstream coffee chains, Rosebud Coffee House doesn’t serve the regular and often similar tasting coffees. The Baristas at Rosebud Coffee House, along with the ingredients, add their love and affection to the coffee while making your coffee very patiently and carefully.

We use only high-quality coffee beans and the aroma is oh so good! We, at the Rosebud Coffee House not only serve the best taste but also the best menu in town. The options in the menu will take you 10 minutes to finish, but we sweat; it’s worth the read as you’ll discover the best ever coffee flavors and might discover your new favorite too!

  • Aesthetic ambiance

What makes the taste of your coffee better? An equally captivating ambiance! We believe the same and hence we keep our ambiance just as gorgeous yet minimalist which goes perfectly well with your coffee mood and aesthetics.

  • Munch on to the mouth-watering snacks

To add to the completeness of your coffee, we have hundreds of delicious snacking options for you to choose from. Starting from cookies to sandwiches, Rosebuds Coffee House has it all to satisfy your hungry tummy with love.

  • Tranquil surrounding

The busy roads and noises have polluted the purity of the cities. But when you are staying in one of the best hotels in Gwalior, you are staying in a completely different world. Especially, when you are enjoying your favorite cup of coffee at the Rosebud Coffee House, you will treasure the experience forever as this place is the perfect place to escape from the hustle-bustle of the busy world and discover the true serenity and stability thanks to the tranquil and exotic surrounding of the Hotel.